Variations on a Theme

This week I'm once again participating in a Concept Tuesday challenge at the ArtOrder blog by Jon Schindehette.

This week it's "Variations on a Theme": pick a D&D race and draw a figure in three different suits of armor. I chose the eladrin because I didn't have any painted eladrin in my portfolio. I chose to do a female because, hey, I like 'em! And being the D&D geek that I am, I even assigned classes to my three variations: swordmage devoted to Corellon (god of magic and swordplay), cleric devoted to Sehanine (goddess of the moon) and fighter (with the favored eladrin weapons, sword and spear). Apparel changes to suit the class (note that all have the same ornate longsword, which any eladrin can use).

If you like the picture I did, please swing by the ArtOrder entry for the challenge and post a comment voting for my entry! But don't vote as "Anonymous", as those votes won't count.