The Jukebox Heroes

A while back DC Comics had the Milestone imprint, which featured characters like Static (of Static Shock fame), Icon and Hardware (they were all recently incorporated into the main DC universe). So I recently learned that one of the Milestone characters is a girl in a winged iron armor who calls herself Iron Butterfly (if you didn't catch that, hang your head in shame and check out Wikipedia).

So that obviously got me thinking (as these things are wont to do). And since nothing good ever comes out of thinking...

The Jukebox Heroes:

  • Robert, a sentient plant.

  • War Pig, an iron-clad wereboar.

  • Deaf Leopard, sharp-clawed, keen-sighted berserker. Not really deaf, just stubborn.

  • White Snake, beautiful female shaman.

  • Poison Sticks, silent wielder of the twin viper rods.

  • Concrete Blonde, a hot woman who could turn into living rock.

  • Wayward, a drifter marked by celestial powers.

  • JoAnne Jet, superfast girl who loves a battlefield.

  • Holy Diver, a time-displaced barbarian warrior.

  • The Foreigner, the alien that brought the Jukebox Heroes together.

In their helicarrier, the Lead Zeppellin, they fight whatever menace threatens the freedom of the world's youth. They fight menaces like Zig, Master of the Stardust, and his Spiders from Mars; Thriller and his Undead Horde; Burning Heart, the Unquenchable.

And the mega-plot is the fight for the icon of ultimate cosmic power known only as the Eye of the Tiger.

Picture by HopePhoto