Environment - Airspur

The ArtOrder blog by Jon Schindehette has a new Concept Tuesday challenge up. This time it was a panoramic view of the Forgotten Realms city of Airspur. Here's the description provided to contestants:

This illo shows the city of Airspur in the Forgotten Realms. This is an opener for the article. Here’s a description of the city from the text:

None who have seen it can think of Airspur without envisioning its heights. Its sun-baked streets wind switchback paths down the bright cliffs, steep stairs cut nearly vertical ascents between buildings, suspension bridges arc between earthmotes high overhead, titanic pillars of stone rise from the sea to the level of the land above, and gleaming elemental spires hang with crystalline clarity all throughout. Those fortunate enough to have visited also remember Airspur as a city of colors and lights. The yellow cliffs tower above an astonishingly blue part of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Cobalt and golden roofs set off pale sandstone structures with gaily painted doors and shutters. Genasi of different hues tattooed with glowing lines promenade in vivid fashions and glittering jewelry. Monolithic crystals, the elemental spires that drift in the air, refract the sun's light during the hot and lazy days and shed colored glows over vibrant nights of wine and dance.

Here's my entry for this challenge (click for a larger view):

My picture was inspired by real-world locations Santorini (Greece), Positano (Italy) and Paraty (Brazil).

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