True20 Fun!

So it's looking like Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island is likely to be some variant on Green Ronin's rather excellent True20 system. I like the system, even if it does have a few peculiarities. Especially the remarkably poor job the rulebook does of explaining some of the key rules.

Like damage. The damage section makes no sense, and it's only with some careful review of assorted message boards that I managed to piece together what's SUPPOSED to happen.

And the "official" character sheet wildly deviates from the rules in a number of places.

But anyway, I am liking the rules themselves and they're definitely the right sort of spirit for that Dino-Piratey feel. Ar. And, armed with the experience of playing it once, I've gone ahead and made my first True20 playing aid: an NPC record sheet for GMs to, uh, record NPCs on. There's six blocks on each sheet, where you can note down the pertinent details on any and all NPCs you need to worry about.