Con-Fu After Action Report

Okay, got my grumpies out. Better now.


Most of my grumpies, anyway.

So Con-Fu was last weekend, the actual honest-to-Cthulhu rollout of DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, and I know you're all dying for news.

It went great.

Anything else you want to know?

What, DETAILS? Oh, alright.

I ran three very enthusiastic folks (uh, Dan, Martin and Liezl or something, I think. Geez, I forgot already. Sorry!) through the first incarnation of the legendary adventure (legendary in my mind, anyway) SLAVE QUEEN OF THE RUINED CITY. We had one Dino-Pirate Swashbuckler, one Ninja Mystic and one Dino-Master, able to control the will of fearsome beasts, set against the terrible powers of the SLAVE QUEEN herself. Much fun was had by all, and the SLAVE QUEEN came to a satisfyingly grotesque end.

Death by monkeys. Giant monkeys. Honestly, it's better if you don't know THOSE details.

It was a great test of the True20 system, which turned out to be every bit as fun to run as it is easy to set up. Despite none of us being super-familiar with the rules, we had a blast. Deeds of derring-do were pulled off with considerable panache, and which characters fare well in combat was very quickly determined. Our heroes also subjected themselves to countless indignities due to spectacularly bad rolling, which luck reversed at the critical juncture as the SLAVE QUEEN rolled two natural 1's on her Toughness saves. A poor showing by our erstwhile QUEEN, all things considered, but there were giant monkeys in the mix, and nobody's at their best when facing death by monkeys.

The rest of the con was fun, as well. I played in a fun Feng Shui game ran by Michael, and Warren ran a great session of a crazy little game called My Life With Master, where you play the minions of an evil mastermind. Very very much fun. And thirty seconds of Monsters Menace America proved more fun than I could stand.

Special shout to Toren for finding me some players at the last minute. Good times.

Look out! More DINO-PIRATE goodness coming to a gaming event near you!