6573401 Reasons to Wonder

I have received a strange document.

It is an Offer and Notice of Purchase, from 6573401 Canada Inc., offering to purchase the paltry few shares I own in a company that once paid me in shares.

The name of the company is 6573401 Canada Inc. That's awesome. I feel like I'm in a Frederick Forsyth novel.

The Dogs of War, to be precise. Remember at the beginning (or before they go to Africa, anyway), there's a whole section about setting up shell companies to handle everything, and all the companies just have number names and it's all shady and whatnot? I always loved that bit.

Very exciting. I have decided I will try to find out whatever I can about 6573401 Canada Inc., and I will post the results of my search here. If anyone has any tips on tracking down corporate information, post 'em in the comments.

Of course, the folks at 6573401 Canada Inc. are far too busy to send their own mail, so the Offer and Notice of Purchase was sent in care of Pearson Inc., of 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, which is, as you can see, across the street from the Hilton New York. Not too shabby an address.

The document itself is a little alarming. The table of contents alone is five pages long! And it includes some statements that make me go hmmm.

"During the Interim Period (that's now), the Shareholders (that's me) shall not...engage in any discussions...concerning any sale, transfer, license of assignment of the Shares."

Can they do that? I guess it just means, "If you try and sell your shares to somebody else, this agreement is toast, bucko," but I sure don't like the cut of their jib. I'll engage in whatever discussions I like, you 6573401 Canada Inc. folks, you.

Anyway, the amount of money involved here is pretty laughable as far as I'm concerned (the printing of the offer probably cost more than my shares are worth), so I'm not too worried about any dire consequences, but who knows? Maybe the whole thing is a plot to topple a corrupt Third World government. Rest assured we will leave no evidence undisturbed.