A Wee Little Revolution

This has been going on for six months now.

We cancelled one of our Telus Mobility accounts in favour of the other one (long story), but apparently we got a little confused in the month immediately following and paid the cancelled account some $25 or so.

And now we get a bill every month from Telus for this account. To the value of NEGATIVE $25.

Yes, every month Telus reminds us that they owe us twenty-five dollars.

I'm hoping to keep this going for a while, see how much money Telus is willing to invest in our loss. I figure printing and mailing each bill costs them, let's say fifty cents. So six months means three dollars. In four years this process will have cost Telus the value of the money they owe us in the first place, assuming postal rates don't increase by some catastrophic amount, and then they'll be slipping into outright loss.

It's payback time! Time to stand up against the Man! Yeah! We're throwing down against authority, fifty cents at a time.

Take that, you corporate capitalist pigs! Four years from now you'll be losing fifty cents EVERY MONTH. How ya like me now, Telus?