Back, Baby!

The only bad thing about going to GenCon 2007 is that it makes me wish I'd gone to GenCon 2006.

Holy fun.

I think I continuously giggled for five whole days. Them's funny peeps.

Crying out "GOD OF JENGA!" at the assembled guests of the Embassy Suites was definitely a highlight.

As was assassinating not one, but TWO toads in Talisman, and taking their stuff. Toads = good times.

There was the drunken game of "Kobolds Ate My Baby" at midnight on Thursday. THAT didn't end well.

And I totally stood right beside Phil Foglio. I did that. He was RIGHT THERE.

Apparently I surprise others with my great tallness.

And sometimes, it turns out that people who seem cool online are really and truly even cooler in person. I met so many great people on this trip. It seems weird I hadn't already known them for years.

And I discovered if your players are killer, it doesn't matter how unplanned your game is. I realised I have been extraordinarily blessed with great players pretty much as long as I've been running games. Everyone at GenCon was absolutely amazing. Pretty much like the old gang back in Vancouver, and Stuart's crew here in TO.

There will be another DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND campaign, that much is certain.

The SLAVE QUEEN OF THE RUINED CITY met another gruesome end. I think I need to toughen her up a little.

And the MONKEY WARRIORS OF THE WALKING SWORD did their best a couple of times but beyond headshotting over-confident ninjae, they were reliably unable to prevent our heroes from saving the day.

Good times.

Next year's adventures are already named:




The latter will of course incorporate our forthcoming comprehensive Lava Rules PDF. Stay tuned!