Thursday, August 23, 2007

A GenCon Review: Steve Thomas

I spent a fair amount of time wandering the dealer hall at GenCon -- full of booths large and small where folks sell books, games, swords, t-shirts and all sorts of loony stuff.

High on my list was checking out the various artists' booths. And top of the artists I encountered at GenCon had to be Steve Thomas.

You know, at a fantasy-themed event, you pretty much know the kinds of paintings you're going to get. Dragons, chicks with heaving bosoms, stern lads with swords and bulging muscles. These days you get a lot more samurai than you used, but it's pretty much all the same stuff.

Mr Thomas, though, brought something very fresh and new: check this out:

I just love the Art Deco travel poster look combined with the Gernsback-style sci-fi details. They're evocative without being sentimental or corny. Some of Mr. Thomas' work might have been criticized for lacking crucial details, but here his clean style really shows off those recognizable forms in their new context.

One of the great surprises of the con that DIDN'T involve gaming insanity.


  1. Those are incredible. I love the art deco/pulp art feel. I've been looking for some cool posters to hang in our game room (the nature crap we have in there isn't cutting it) and these may just fit the bill. Thanks!

  2. Wow, cool find! I spent a fair amount of time in the artist section, but I missed that.

  3. Also: found a link to his website. You can buy prints, apparently. And he's got alien pin-up stuff too.

  4. Whoops! Yeah, that was supposed to be linked at the first mention of his name. Fixed now, thanks!