This Is Not America

Just saw Napoleon Dynamite, which is as brilliant as everyone says.

Although I must be getting old because I can't really figure out the era the film is set in. 80's music with rollerblades and chat rooms. I dunno, maybe they do things differently in Idaho or wherever that was set.

But funny.

New publication for my name to grace: Buccaneers and Bokor, Issue Four -- pirate adventure, arrrrrr... My contributions include the adventure The Secret of Manjack Cay and the encounter Balancing Accounts. Fun stuff, for sure.

And Hot Pursuit: On Foot, the follow-up to the successful Hot Pursuit is in to the publisher now, so it should be showing up on the "shelves" very soon.

AND the first Mini-Game, "Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics" is being laid out right now. Still a little more writing to do but it's coming along, it's coming along. A matter of days now, we hope.