But only for a short while.

The big news round here is that Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics is done done done. Sent the finished PDF off to Morrus at EN Publishing last night. Not sure if the cover is going to fly -- it's a rip job done on the famous image of Chow Yun-Fat sliding down the banister from Hard-Boiled. But we'll see.

It's homage, not rip-off. Honestly.

Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the book. It's not very long (16 pages) but there's lots of good ideas and solid mechanics throughout. It was fun to write and the art turned out better than I was worried it would. I want to get a tablet, though, for doing proper artwork on. And a keyboard -- like a MIDI keyboard sos I can make more music. Cause that's fun.

And a pony, while I'm at it.