Gun-Fu! Buy it NOW! Please?

At last! The very first EN Mini-Game, Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics is available on RPGNow even as we speak!

I'm very excited. This is the first product that I've been fully responsible for, and of course I hope it sells wildly, but more than that, I hope that people who are looking for mini-game fun start looking to this new line as a source of exciting products that fill their need. It is my ambition to turn EN Mini-Games into a successful line of great products that appeal to people who love mini-games like I do.

I know that there may be plenty of people who don't even really know what a mini-game is, and that's okay. We'll get them sorted out and on board in time. But the critical audience for me right now are the people who, like me, love mini-games and miss their monthly appearance in Polyhedron. If I can get you lunatics to help me figure out how to produce and sell great mini-games successfully, the rest of the world will come round.

So if you're in that crowd, step up and represent. I'm craving that feedback.