Linkslutting, Jan 17, 2009

FINALLY caught up on my blogroll. Blogs seem so 2007 all of a sudden. Anyway, some awesomeness for you:

Via Mind Control Division:

Somebody over on Circvs described the Japanese film industry as follows:

Director: "I have an idea for a movie, honourable Producer!"

Producer: "Ooooh. Is your idea TOTALLY INSANE?"

Director: "Yes, honourable Producer! TOTALLY INSANE!"

Producer: "Here is yen. Make your film. Bring us honour. And make sure it is TOTALLY INSANE!"

On a less TOTALLY INSANE moment, here's Oli's latest photo-set: some gorgeous shots he took in Costa Rica:

Browse around his site, there's plenty of staggeringly beautiful images there.

And finally, this sweet, sweet little piece of animation evoking a daughter's memories of her mother:

Just lovely.