Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Linkslutting, Aug 26, 2008

Honestly, it's just been crazy. I haven't even told you about GenCon yet. But all I have time for right now is a quick drive-by:

Here's a reminder of why some of us love Steve Jobs so much. Via Community Guy:

And here's evidence I gained a level at GenCon: a player writes a Story Hour of one of my DINO-PIRATES sessions.

Fame, makes a man think things over...

More soon! Pictures of cool cars! New experiments running amok! What you need you have to borrow!


  1. Hey, the link to the Dino-Pirates story hour isn't right. It's the same as the community guy link.

    Gen-Con stories, please!

    I was reading about the bioware display at the show. Did you catch one of their demo sessions? (I know that isn't really your bag, but just checking...)

  2. Whoops! Should be fixed now.

    Nope, totally missed BioWare. Too busy with my own incredibly cool shit...