Lunkslutting, Jan 19

Just going to post some random collections from around the web. Got twigged to Brianne Drouhard's art from Chris Sanders (who's in my good books as the director of Lilo and Stitch). That yuki-no-onna is pretty righteous, says me. There's not going to be a lot of snowy landscapes in DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, but I have ideas for an expansion set once DPoNI is the enormous success it deserves to be. Giant Cave Bears + Fur Traders + Insane Japanese Ghosts = FUN!

That enormous success is going to turn largely on the enormous talent of Claudio Pozas, who's putting together some very cool logo designs that we'll unveil here once they're ready.

Three guys recreate the beach landing scene from Saving Private Ryan: this has turned up all over the internet, but it's so awesome I'll link to it on Pulp 2.0, where I first saw it.

Via The Vancouverite: Ezra Levant (who Steph and I went to university with) unloads on the Human Rights Comission, and it's totally awesome. My Albertan heart is proud.

Good for you, Ezra. You showboating right-wing freakazoid, you.

This comes from the SCARY NEWS:

Tom Cruise: Scientologist

If you're on the fence about how insane Mr. Cruise is, you haven't seen this yet. He's a loon, folks. Favourite quote? "Get those "spectators" either on the playing field or out of the arena."

And maybe it's just in the air these days.