10 Feet of Henry

If you were a teenager in Calgary, Golden Rock is the blog you've been waiting for.

This is guy is collecting and posting indie music from Calgary's yesteryear.

Color Me Psycho.

Tau Ceti.

The Ted Clark 5.

Funeral Factory.

Ah, Funeral Factory. Absolutely FANTASTIC version of "Heartbreak Hotel". Still stands up after all this time.

No Same Difference yet, but a little bird told me to keep an eye open. You can read James Muretich's review of Club Notes when it first open, and watch him slag off Skinny Puppy: "Skinny Puppy should've listened to the Bauhaus song: Bela Lugosi is dead." Ha! Muretich changed my life. He was THE GUY when I was eighteen, that's for sure -- I took his every opinion as absolute gospel.

Thanks, Golden Rocker. I am made happy.