Prehistoric AWESOME Times!

Mike Thorpe, Application Analyst, in an obvious effort to score points, dropped the latest issue of the greatest magazine in the world on my desk.

"Prehistoric Times" Issue #79! How did I miss the first 78? Good grief.

Anyway, as awesome as the cover is, the awesome increases on the inside. Reviews (Reviews!) of dinosaur parks! Ads for scale model dinosaurs! Reader art!

Reader art! And their readers are, like, sculptors and painters and shit, so it's AWESOME.

And ads for Dinosaur Wallpaper! Dinosaur Models! Dinosaur Finding Tools!

I defy you to find a better value for your dinosaur magazine dollar. This is what dinosaur magazines ought to be. This is why God invented dinosaurs in the first place. I mean, aside from confusing the whole evolution issue, there. THIS is what dinosaurs are all about: selling cool products. If you don't subscribe to this magazine right now, you are against LIFE.

It may have been an obvious effort, but it certainly succeeded.