6573401 Letters

Sorry I've let this little saga slide. I DID send a letter to Mr. McKee, listed as the owner of 6573401 Canada Inc., at least a month ago now. Letters contents follow:

Dear Mr. McKee:

I am writing to you in your capacity as the owner of 6573401 Canada Inc., about which I have some questions.

I am a shareholder in Some Company, Limited. As such, I received your offer to purchase my shares. I was interested, but not sufficiently to accept the offer, as you may be aware. But I have become ever-more curious about the nature and intentions of 6573401 Canada Inc..

What can you tell me about your company? What are your intentions with respect to ownership of Some Company? What other companies to possess shares in? What sort of objectives do you have, business-wise?

I would appreciate any information you can provide me. Thanks!

I received a response from 6573401 Canada Inc.! With Mr. McKee's name at the bottom. He appears to be a lawyer (there's a surprise). The letter states (in part):

As you know, 6573401 Canada Inc. (the "Buyer") made a written offer (the "Offer") dated May 2006 to acquire all the issued and outstanding shares of Some Company, Ltd. ("Some Company") from Some Company's shareholders. the Buyer completed the acquisition of all the issued and incredibly complicated terminology that I can't be bothered to type, but apparently means that some OTHER company ("Company Not Issued With A Special Title") has my few pennies.

So I wrote back, asking about CNIWAST, and was told to do the following:

In brief, you must deliver the following materials to CNIWAST's office in Vancouver, BC:

- share certificates representing your Some Company shares (or, where you have lost those shares, an affidavit of loss and a bond of indemnity in the form accompanying the Offer); and
- a letter of transmittal in the form accompanying the Offer.

Not at all sure what a "letter of transmittal" (the "Letter of Transmittal") is. But I will continue to investigate. The truth is out there! I want to believe!