Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hot or Not?

I'm not sure what I think of Nabaztag. It's either one of the coolest ideas EVER, or it's completely stupid. I don't think there can be much middle ground with this thing.

But it points in a certain direction -- simple connectivity. Most devices that provide connectivity nowadays do so through a complex interface that requires substantial training and expertise to use. Nabaztag seems to let you be a lot more casual and still take advantage of high-tech possibilities. I'm sure there's some more or less complicated setup involved (picking sources for the little guy and configuring it, etc), but I think I get the idea and it looks pretty simple to use.

And I think the IDEA at least is killer -- a little guy that's plugged in so you don't have to be. Interesting how the world seems to be moving AWAY from the 80's cyberpunk vision of eternal connectedness -- even as connectedness become ubiquitous. If Nabaztag isn't the wave of the future, it's at least a reasonable look at the prevailing winds.



  1. it's true that these sorts of devices are popping up more and more and are helping us get away from the screen (bad posture, carpal tunnel...etc.) yet remain informed and even entertained. this sort of non-intrusive technology may be the key to letting us live our lives again rather than be so utterly reliant on what could become this generation's boob tube. what i think nabaztag has to offer (as apposed to the less charming chumby) is a bit of personality. while still a bit nondescript nabaztag allows you a huge potential for personalization and becomes more of a buddy than another periphory for your pc. the new model even comes with a microphone to enable voice commands and VOIP, a sense of smell to allow personalized reactions to specially tagged objects in your home (great for kids) and unlimited streaming audio which essentially replaces your rado and even your computer for podcasts and web radio. anyways, i dig him.

  2. yeah, i think one of the things we're seeing is a move away from your pc as your sole interface to the networked world. I think the future holds not bigger and more powerful home computers, but more devices that can make use of networking technologies. Interesting times, to be sure.