Mini-Games: Art

My biggest headache right now is finding quality art at reasonable prices. There's a couple of ways one can go about this sort of thing.

One can pony up the cash bucks to buy some pro-quality art. Expensive, and risky, especially for a venture like this, where I have no idea what kind of sales to expect.

One can pony up much less bucks to buy some other art. Now the risk is that you will have BAD art, and your product will look unprofessional and less valuable as a result.

One can look for alternative resources: online art exchanges, stock art, and so on.

I'm trying a combination of all three, I guess, and trying to take advantage of my office overtop of a design and animation school to exploit some young students looking for publication credits.

I'm not proud.

Barsoom runs tonight! Is the BBEG as dead as he appeared to be last time? Well, don't bet on it.