We are making a comic book, and YOU can help!

REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS is a new comic book written by Corey Reid and drawn by Dave Knox. The script is written, the characters are designed, and we're finishing up an 8-page Prologue right now, but we need $10,000 in order to make finishing and printing the book a reality.

This story is about five awesome ninja girls and their stuggle to do the right thing and save the day, even when nobody will believe in them. There's action and suspense galore, and beautiful art to go along with it, and we can't wait to share it with everyone. The world needs more ninja girls! And YOU can make it happen!

What We Need & What You Get

We've gotten a long way already. We have a script that covers four full issues (with plans for many more), top-notch character designs, a wild fantasy setting (that you can contribute to), and we've posted an eight-page full-colour prologue on our website for everyone to read.

The $10,000 we're raising now goes straight to paying Dave, our artist, so he can work full-time and finish up the first issue. We have some really cool rewards for our backers. Of course everyone gets a copy of the book when it's done, but we'll also have pins for different ninja clans, so you can show your ninja pride, an exclusive sketchbook of art and writing, or even original art and the chance to make up your own ninja clans that will be featured in future issues of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS.

Going Beyond

We've set a couple of ambitious "stretch goals" for this campaign:

If we make $12,000, we'll make sure every backer's copy of the book has an exclusive cover only for backers of the Indiegogo campaign. Your book will be a real collector's item!

If we make $18,000, we'll do the whole book in GLORIOUS FULL COLOUR!