GenCon 2011 -- Games, Posters, and more...

So I'm off to GenCon 2011 on Wednesday, and this is probably the last chance I'll have to talk about what's going to come up there.

THE JADE THRONE, mentioned in my last post, is all put together and just needs players now to bring it all to life. We start thirty years ago, as the Empire is collapsing, with ESCAPE THE EMPIRE, a desperate wuxia adventure using Old School Hack, as six great heroes try to save the last heir of the Jade Throne.

Then it's FREE THE FLAME GOD, as a DIFFERENT band of heroes (in the present day) try to stop an Imperial sorcerer from taking control of a fierce volcano god. What is he up to and why does he need a volcano? Also, angry ninjas.

After that comes the Feng Shui goodness of THE UNEXPLODED MONKEY, run by my good friend Matt, in which the machinations of the Impsalan nation can only be stopped by... GIANT ROBOTS. How could this possibly go wrong?

But wait, there's more! Jody takes the helm next for a Leverage game adapted with the REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS, as they strive to solve the mystery of "The Crown Jewels Job" -- saving the Imperial heir (who's still hanging around, it seems) from the clutches of the terrible pirate queen Jihanna the Demon!

Matt comes back for a second round, the ominously-titled WHEN SOMEONE ASKS IF YOU'RE A GOD adventure, which like the next game, known simply as "ENDS, LOOSE", will be largely created on-the-spot, based on how the previous games have gone.

But it all wraps up, regardless of how things go, with the APOCALYPSE KEY, a massive battle between giant robots, fiery gods, massive beasts and other titanic creations, all battling it out in the midst of a great Impsalan temple complex. While a volcano erupts.

It's gonna be awesome.

But just as exciting as this great project is the release of the REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS Limited Edition GenCon 2011 poster. We will be selling this for $20 -- and each purchase comes with a second poster of one of the girls, all with original artwork by Claudio Pozas, who will be illustrating the comic book.

Because yes, there will be a comic book. Debuting in 2012, REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS will be an all-new, all-awesome graphic novel of amazing ninja action. We'll have more updates on that as things proceed.