New To Me

Okay, okay, I'm late to the table here but HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING. The name is Kutiman. He builds music out of YouTube clips. Beautiful, inspiring music. And videos to go along with them -- videos that actually ARE the music itself.

Wow. That's just. Wow. And poke around, there's more.

I don't think I've been this excited about new music since Portishead appeared out of nowhere and kicked my butt way back in Funabashi. There's so much delight and wit in here, married with such a lovely appreciation and respect for the glorious generosity (inspired by narcissism, perhaps, but there you go) of the goofy human spirit. I remember the first time I heard Coldcut's "Say Kids What Time Is It?" -- this is the same energy, the same determination to build greatness where nobody else saw it. This is what art is all about.

Thanks, Trill, for the find.