Saturday, July 12, 2008

ENnies, Here We Come!

Fantastic news the other day -- our wildly-hyped product Fire and Brimstone was nominated for a prestigious ENnie award (the primary awards of the tabletop RPG industry) in the "Best Web Enhancement" category.

This is really thrilling news for all of us who worked on this product, tirelessly playtesting rulesystem after rulesystem to ensure our elegant yet simple yet not-very-complicated rules properly delivered every nuance of the sophisticated lava experience so many games fail to deliver.

We are thrilled to be nominated for this award, and expect to deliver the lava experience of a lifetime at this year's ENnies show.


  1. Hey, congrats! Hope to see you at the ceremony (er, leave the lava at home--insurance reasons, don't you know). It was a pleasure getting to read through and judge your submission this year. :)


  2. and thanks for that! Dunno that we stand much of a chance against the combined might of Paizo, White Wolf, etc., but as they say, it's nice to be nominated!