Less Important, More Pretty

Todd Harris, one of Disney's concept artists, has been one of my favourite artists ever since he did a series of Asian Adventurers PC portraits for Wizards years back -- those pictures ending up inspiring my near-legendary Kung-Fu Angels games.

Anyway, Mr Harris has posted a very cool time-lapse of his rendering process. It's like one of those painting shows that used to be on TV, only instead of painting landscapes with happy little trees, he's drawing a hot chick with a sword.

Truly, a man after my own heart.

The other really cool thing for today is Issuu. I believe these guys have just solved the problem of reading stuff online. And it's not Kindle, folks. It's free.

I'm still checking it all out, but I expect to be uploading all my True20 pdfs and more to come in the near future. This is cool.