School In Borneo

Okay, it's been a while so let me drive-by with some premium linksluttage.

Minor League Ball, Major League Funny

First up, I'm not really a baseball fan, nor do I listen to the radio, but if Ken Levine were still announcing minor league games, and pulling goofy stunts like announcing: "Colin Washington is warming up in the pen. Most people don’t know this but Colin has seven brothers and six sisters, all of them named Colin,” I'd be tuning in every night. And more. But none of that is as funny as "No School In Borneo". Damn. Some of these writer guys are funny.

It IS the Droids You're Looking For

And I think I stole this from JonRog, but it's worth a repost. R2D2, Rebel Mastermind. "As we now know, the rebel Alliance was founded by Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa. What can readily be deduced is that their first recruit, who soon became their top field agent, was R2-D2." Brilliant. And I'll add a shout-out for Boom Studio's new book, Ninja Tales. If it's half as good as Cthulhu Tales was, it's a story value extravaganza.

Oof! Pulp Knockout!

And this next bit comes courtesy of DISContent, who I've linked to in the past. A trailer for a book:

Sure, it's about a minute too long, but holy crap.