Scratch Factory at Con-Fu!

Okay, we've bitten the bullet and are going for broke. Scratch Factory will be running a session at the forthcoming Con-Fu convention here in Vancouver, May 26th to the 28th, at the Marpole Curling Club (8730 Heather Street).

What session, you ask? What game will we be running?

Why, none other than the long-rumoured, long-anticipated but-never-actually-thought-it-would-happen legend of the infamous "Define Some Genres" thread :


As described by the originator of the whole thing, JPL:

A fantasy Asia, filled with warring island nations. Samurai mounted on domesticated raptors. Bigger dinosaurs hunted by quasi-Polynesian tribesmen. Dueling factions of shadow warriors. Privateers and bucaneers battling the servants of the Imperial Navy. Fallen kingdoms deep in forgotten jungles.

The game session itself is advertised as: Crazy pulp fun, featuring dinosaurs, ninjae, pirates, monkeys and robots. Our Dino-Pirate heroes run afoul of the fearsome SLAVE QUEEN OF THE RUINED CITY and their very brains are at stake! Can you escape the slave pits and find your way to freedom, or at least a glorious death?

If you're in town, come on down and find yourself a spot. There's five open slots, and it'd be great to see some familiar faces around the table.

If you don't think Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island doesn't sound stupidly cool, you are an enemy of fun. And probably not a future customer of Scratch Factory.