Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Designed By Intelligence

This is more funny than I have words to express:

A Letter On Intelligent Design

Hee. It's enough to give you faith in the human species again.


  1. I'm still not happy with Bob's decision to go public. Too many people make fun of our belief. But when His Day cometh, all those onbelievers will be drowned in cheap bolognese sauce, whereas we will be al dente and with a little pesto. And who will laugh then?

    We, that is. Ha!

  2. Foolish heretic. Only those who follow the Path of the Bowtie will be saved when it all ends in alfredo.

    Those who continue to beleive in the long skinny noodle will taste the fires of His wrath then, let me tell you. You're not true noodleists.