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Some writers speak of the agony of writing; not me. I love putting words on the page. I love struggling with narrative problems, learning about characters who only exist in my brain. More than anything, what I do is write.


This comic book, born of a one-shot game run at GenCon, is the kick-off to adventures of ninja girl excitement! Just $3 for the PDF on our website, or you can buy it for your Kindle on Amazon.

There's also an array of short stories about the girls you can read online.

Story Hour Hookup

I've written a number of "Story Hours" -- episodic tales, based on games I ran, that you can read where they were posted.

Barsoom Tales -- Swashbuckling Horror Gone Very, Very Wrong
"You have a storyteller's gift -- this writing is terrific."
-- Warrior Poet
Barsoom Tales II -- Big Trouble. Little Heroes.
"Wow, that's just all kinds of wrong." -- Avarice
Dead Man's Chest -- Skull & Bones Fun and Glory
"Damn. Double damn." -- ledded
Wild Stewardess Action -- D&D Meets Wuxia Meets Charlie's Angels!
"Best. Story. Hour. Ever." -- tetsujin28

The Slow Stories Story

This all started in the Soho, when Blaine and Steph were plotting to take over Vancouver radio, and I had a back of a sheet of paper, and I wrote "I reflected as I blew off the smoke oozing from the barrel."

And thus were born The Slow Stories, which became a pair of movies we later wrote and shot. Here they are.

Another Story

This still makes me chuckle.
The Real Story -- Winner of the Ceramic DM Spring 2003 competition.