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Ninjas, pirates, and dinosaurs. A fantasy Asia, filled with warring island nations. Samurai mounted on domesticated raptors. Bigger dinosaurs hunted by quasi-Polynesian tribesmen. Dueling factions of shadow warriors. Privateers and bucaneers battling the servants of the Imperial Navy. Fallen kingdoms deep in forgotten jungles. And we call it...
Scratch Factory is the creator of DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, a fantastic setting of swashbuckling prehistoric kung-fu adventure.

On the site you'll find the completely FREE rules to the Basic Game, as well as the completely FREE setting itself, released under a Creative Commons license and open to YOUR contributions! Create your own ninja clans or pirate hideaways, or browse all the thrilling locations already detailed.

Adventure awaits!

Previous Output

Although Scratch Factory hasn't produced much yet, Corey has. He's the evil mastermind responsible for the following popular products:
Fire and Brimstone: A Comprehensive Guide to Lava, Magma and Superheated Rock -- SammichCon Publishing is the real force behind this baby, as notables from around the gaming world come together for the first-ever all-lava, all-the-time product that really delivers with the ooey gooey lava action.
Hot Pursuit: The Definitive d20 Guide to Chases -- One of the most popular releases ever for publisher Adamant Entertainment, this brings the action-movie aesthetic to the d20 chase scene. There's also a supplement to handle foot chases.
Gun Fu: Balletic Ballistics -- Speaking of the action movie aesthetic, Gun-Fu provides its most complete realisation in the d20 genre. One user called it, "The first d20 game that I'd consider using in the genre rather than my beloved Feng Shui." Heady company, indeed.

Free Stuff

With the power of the Open Gaming License (and a little help from Creative Commons), we are able to offer the following cornucopia of ABSOLUTELY FREE products -- it's amazing! Colossal! Uncanny! So help yourself and enjoy.
True20 Screen Damage Condition Chart: The True20 Narrator's Screen is almost perfect. Print this guy out, tape him over top of the existing "Concealing Items" chart, and the most important chart in True20 is at your fingertips!
True20 Prehistoric Bestiary: 25 unique, fully statted monsters from the headlines of paleontology. Creatures never before represented in True20 format, with dozens of full-colour illustrations, a half-inch scale battlemap ready for use, and notes on DINO-PIRATE dinosauriness. Full of good.
True20 Ship Combat Rules: Mostly developed by True20Chick over on the True20 forums, cleaned up by yours truly and now available for you. With some added DINO-PIRATE goodness, just to give it that "frisson" of excitement.
The Infamous Swashbuckling Cards: born out of a long-lost thread, newly updated and polished -- ready for use in d20, True20 or just about any other type of 20-style campaigns. Bring wacky hi-jinks to your game. Because, uh, why wouldn't you?
And now a full-blown character sheet for True20 players. Takes care of the niggling issues on the "official" sheet without changing the layout much, but includes some new handy stuff -- you can note your adept's increasing Fatigue Save penalties under the "Fatigue Save Modifier" header, and there's slots for Power Bonuses and Power Save DCs. Also a handy key to keep track of which powers require concentration, maintenance or mental contact, and which are fatiguing. Also has a slot for Grapple Bonus, which is one of those numbers I always seem to end up using more often than not.
True20 NPC Record Sheet: A handy sheet for True20 GMs to record and track significant NPCs on, including damage and fatigue tracks. Print 'er off and fill 'em in!
The Modern System Reference Document: All the rules of the Modern d20 game, ready and waiting for you.
Hot Pursuit Tables: All the key tables and charts required to run Hot Pursuit chases in vehicles or on foot, brought together in one easy-to-print PDF for your convenience! Note you'll need the Hot Pursuit rules to use these tables. Not giving away the WHOLE THING, here. Still, pretty nice of me.
The Peking Opera House: This four-page PDF is a 1"-scale battlemap for use with 25mm figures, illustrating a typical opera house in the Peking style, with high beams to balance on, tables to jump up on, benches to throw and trap doors to crash down through. It's almost like fun, on a page.
The Teahouse: this PDF is another figure-ready battlemap, illustrating a classic teahouse for kung-fu mayhem to take place in. It also includes a batch of rules suggestions for improvising weapons in a d20 world.
With a Bullet: this is a full-size adventure I did to go along with Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics. Give it a read; it lets you know what the game is like and is funny, too. Funny ha-ha, not funny strange.

Complete Portfolio

If you really want to know, here's a complete list of our game-related products and development.